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Owl squadron

July 1st, 2008 by Ian

Finally I can write about two of my favourite things. This owl was found making a home in a carrier-borne fighter aircraft. Anyway, the sailors who found him named him FOD (or Foreign Object Damage to non-propeller-heads) and nursed him back to health before releasing him into the wild. Awwww. Choice quote from the original article:

If this owl was hiding in a cockpit while a jet was on the catapult. It could possibly bring a jet down if the pilot freaks out because an owl is flying around in his cockpit

Your scope of influence has a lot to answer for, Mr. Cruise.

FOD the Owl

Link – via neatorama

Live Earth: In brief

July 8th, 2007 by Ian

I watched about as much as I could stand on television last night. Did anyone else find even mildly amusing to see bands playing to a crowd of thousands and a message scrolled behind them on a video wall that gave advice on saving energy around the home. This on a stage backed by a enormous wall of dazzling lights (the sun was still out) and amplifiers. Highlight of the whole thing was definitely Metallica playing ten-year old songs (because everything they’ve done since the turn of the century is pretty much unlistenable to) backed by imagery of an elephant and then a Jumbo jet. JUMBO jet. Get it. ahahah oh wow.

God help us if our idea of helping climate change is listening to Keane tell us about keeping a low carbon foot-print at a concert that “will produce about 74,500 tons of the gas“. I’m not sure if that includes the carbon produced by the movement of everyone driving and flying to and from the concerts. All I know is that someone, somewhere, has completely missed the point.