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Links of the month – January

February 2nd, 2010 by Ian

I plan to do this more often, highlights I’ve found over the previous month. So without further ado…

A new Gill Scott-Heron album, you can listen to all the way through for free over at Pitchfork.

Some quite sharp web designers have taken to disagreeing with a lot of what Smashing Magazine throws up as biblical truth. One of the better examples of this is the article, In Defense of Vertical Navigation.

Boingboing provides some facts about sloths. They’re so happy all the time, they know what’s up. They know more than we or Boingboing could even imagine.

Ringo Star ain’t nuffin’ to fuck with. This is a fine, fine mash-up. It’s exactly what you’d imagine, plus news clips from the time, often highlighting the older folks mistrust of Beatlemania.