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Schwarzenegger presents ‘Abadah’ at the Golden Globes

January 18th, 2010 by Ian

Everyone is talking about Gervais’ speech, but in the UK we’ve all seen his snively character do the same routine million times. Yawn. So here, for your entertainment, is the ever awesome Arnie talking about a film that he can’t pronounce. Rather cruel of whoever is in charge to get him to talk about Avatar, but it’s a routine that I will never tire of.

via Gotcha Media

Hungry Horace in Sheffield

January 3rd, 2010 by Ian

Everyone with a ZX Spectrum had Horace Goes Skiing. That’s fact, surely? I did. The protagonist, Horace, was in a number of games and should be instantly recognizable to those who spent far too much of their childhoods loading games from tape. For a while now he’s been springing up round Sheffield. I’m going to leave any argument about the rights and wrongs of graffiti aside (primarily because it’s boring) but he tends to pop up in easy to see, yet hard to access places. I snapped him here, behind the famous Roneys butchers.

Horace can be seen sometimes with or without a message

Horace can be seen with a message and sometimes without one

The locals have already discussed his presence here, on the much-used Sheffield Forum. I’ll be keeping an eye out for more occurrences.

Vimeo Top 25 of 2009

January 2nd, 2010 by Ian

Through 2009 Vimeo has played 2nd fiddle to YouTube, but the quality always seems much higher. Here lies a breakdown of their favourite 25 videos.

My favourites include Reulf (which you can see here), where a range of colorful little cuboid creatures take over a black and white Paris, and Born that Way. It has shotguns. Forever’s Not So Long has a great (very original) take on the end of the world.

Vimeo’s 25 favorite videos of 2009

Also: happy new year, as this is my 1st blog of  2010 x

Eyecandy from graphic artist Mark Weaver

December 11th, 2009 by Ian
1960 by Mark Weaver

1960 by Mark Weaver

Graphic artist Mark Weavers’ flickr stream is heavily dosed with win. Some of this work I think may be influenced by the Footfall series of science fiction books. Regardless, it’s great work.

Via the Kitsune Noir wallpaper project.

The Kopp-Etchells Effect

November 25th, 2009 by Ian

The Kopp-Etchel effect

Named after British and American soldier who died in Helman province, Afghanistan, this weird halo-like effect has been spotted around the rotor-blades of military helicopters. It is a result of static electricity that occurs when the CH-47s fly though dust storms.

View combat journo Michael Yon’s page for more great photographs.

Eisenhower Interstate network meets the London Underground

November 24th, 2009 by Ian
Eisenhower Interstate System in the style of H.C. Becks London Underground Diagram

The Eisenhower interstate roads were built so that, in the event of invasion, America’s armies could quickly move to the part of the union that was under attack. This diagram in the style of the famous H.C. Beck London Underground diagram (shout out to BoingBoing) helps you see what cities these roads pulled together.

via Kottke

NSFW Truckers Delight 16-bit pixel vid

November 18th, 2009 by Ian

This is NSFW due to lots of things going in and out of peoples bottoms. It is however awesome pixel-work which takes us back to the era of SNES and Sega Genesis. Pretty much the most controversial comment on truckers since that Jeremy Clarkson ‘joke’. The clever people on reddit remind me of Paul Robertson, the twisted genius who did Pirate Baby’s Cabana Battle Street Fight.

Via pretty much about everyone on my twitter stream.

Berlin and the wall: 61-89

November 16th, 2009 by Ian
Looking across No Mans Land to East Berlin

Looking across No Man's Land to East Berlin

Flickr have created a set that commemorates the fall of the Berlin wall. What’s great about this is that whenever we pick up a paper we see the same pictures and video: The Brandenburg gate, that guy with the hammer… etc. You know what i mean? Sometimes you need to step back from the same old cliched images and get more of a sense of the scale of the thing and the effect it had on the architecture around it. This set has regular folk who visited in the dark old days to show off their photos which often show the city, not just the wall, and from the angles you tend not to see on tv.

Picture by flickr user Richard and Gill

Design for Life

October 4th, 2009 by Ian

Like most new BBC television programs, Design for Life takes its name from a 90s pop song. The Manics, durrr. Like ‘Life of Riley‘ and, erm, I’m sure there is something else… well unlike most Caroline Quentin vehicles, Design for Life isn’t shit.

As is the norm now for most new BBC television programs, it takes about 7 minutes to get started. Those first 7 minutes of the show are catching up, explaining what happened in the previous episode. In this day of Sky+, HDD recorders and (more importantly) iPlayer, is this necessary? I know it makes the show cheaper to make, but for crying out loud. Just make it a little shorter if you’re going to piss around so much.

It’s shot beautifully well and we get to see plenty of the beautiful bits of Paris, as apposed to the hours and hours of shots of that bloody Gerkin thing in London that anyone who watches the Apprentice has forced upon them. When talking about this show, I’m going to compare it to the Apprentice, because the similarities are obvious (and I’m lazy). It features a team of designers (business men?) who fight to show they are the best designer (most shouty business man?) to prove they can work with designer extraordinaire, Philipee Stark (Suralun?).

the Design for Life participants

the Design for Life participants

Participant Nebil is the most ‘Apprentice like’, because he patronizes everyone he gets to talk to. This probably is an attempt to look better than everyone else but at least he does know his shit. I’m sure that to anyone who actually has their design game-face on, his “let me just explain this too you, thicko” tone will probably make him look like a bit of a dick. Still, he gets a lot of screen time because he has a lot to say and even his dick-ishness is minor compared with the mega-cocks that rut around in any given episode of the Apprentice. He gets his come-upance tho, which is another reason why I love this show. It’s obvious that the shows producers set him off against the other stand-out, Ilsa, because she’s got a pretty good set of claws and will bite back.

I guess a large part of the show will boil down to “do you like Philipee Stark”. I do. Him and his bloody chairs, or whatever the hell he’s supposed to be most famous for. He’s pretentious, but y’know he’s a brilliant designer so he can afford to be and after all, this is design. You’re supposed to be pretentious. He also dismisses the participants easily, based on some seemingly whimsical idea he has. Again: he’s a designer. I’ve had designers happily shit on my ideas in the past and non of them were exactly Phillipee Stark. At least when he drops people he’s really nice about it. I’d love to be sacked by him. None of this catch-phrase “You’re fired” crap. I also like his attitude towards ‘wasteful’ design. He’s green without being sickly. Personally Alan Sugar really gets on my tits because turned Amstrad into crap (I love my old CPC6128) and I tire of his attitude and his stupid Labour ‘business-tzar’ beard.

Further contrasts to the Apprentice are easy to highlight. The participants are young, attractive and probably smell quite good. They are also very, very white. And middle class uni-graduates. They actually get very visibly nervous, which makes you feel a little more sympathetic. Hell, in the 2nd episode one of the participants has a genuinely great idea: Polly and her water-level meter. What have the Apprentice chimps ever done, but chuck crap at each other? Design for Life actually talks about design. Pitching, ideas, briefs, presentations and all the bullshit in-between. That’s some real genuine content from the BBC.

The show is at 9.00pm on BBC 2, Mondays but you can follow the show here, on iPlayer.

As an aside; it’s narrated by Adam ‘Adam + Joe’ Buxton. I look forward to the DVD release where Joe does a funny-man voice-over.

Trench run tee from Design by Humans

September 16th, 2009 by Ian

Design by Humans run a Threadless-style shop where they take designs from a large number of designers and print the best ones. I couldn’t resist this one:

Stay on target T-shirt by tastyhills from Design By Humans

Stay on target T-shirt by tastyhills from Design By Humans

Yes, those are F4U Corsairs taking the place of the usual X-Wings in the attack on the first Death Star. There is a P40 on the back as well, which I’d imagine takes the place of the Y-Wing. Obviously this is all going to make me very popular with girls, right? Nothing like a good 1940s/Star Wars mash-up.

I bought another tee too and spent enough money doing so (got hit by stupid import taxes, gah!) to warrant a quick review. They’re well printed and a good fit, but the quality of the fabric seems a bit disappointing. Certainly, it’s less than American Apparel tees that brands like this often print on. Time will tell how they fare. It’s available here at DbH, should you share my questionable taste in clothing.

Trippy helicopter time exposure shot

August 19th, 2009 by Ian

Time-lapse helicopter

This is an album cover awaiting a band. From a series of photography in the vast Google-hosted Time Magazine archive.

Gentlemen Bronchos trailer

August 17th, 2009 by Ian

This is the new trailer from the people who made Napoleon Dynamite. I have a great affinity with Napoleon Dynamite because I went to school with the main character. Well, I may as well have done. This new film features a home-schooled kid whose writing is ripped off by a desperate fantasy author and, for me, the film could be made for the inclusion of the wonderfully spoken Jemaine Clement from Flight of the Conchords. Consider this the ‘geeks ascend to greatness’ film of the year.

via The Uniblog

Transformers 2 – what I learnt

July 8th, 2009 by Ian

Roger Ebert of the Chigago Sun-Times has written the definative review of Michael Bay’s Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. I’m just going to share some stuff that I picked up when I watched it this week. This may not make any sense if you’ve not seen the film (and even then…).

  1. Turns out Obama wasn’t a very good choice for prez. Shit kicks off and he goes to hide in some bunker somewhere. Not like Bush did in 9/11. Conspiracy theorists would have you believe that once the twin towers got hit, he paniced and flew all over the US in Air Force One. This isn’t the case. He headed for new York and stood upon the rubble, Stinger ground-to-air missle launcher over one shoulder and a knuckle duster on his right hand; screaming “Bring it, Bin Laden you pussy”. Fictional/real Obama really dropped the ball on this one.
  2. Where was Sally Field? Shia LaBeoufs (yes that is a real name) mum was an incredibly annoying character but she reminded me of Sally Fields. If Sally Fields had played her I would have probably found her slightly less annoying. Why not just use Sally Field, Bay, you cheap bastard?
  3. The American Military is fucking awesome. Not only do they have a shit load of kit that can take down marourding 6-story high robots, but each and every man and woman in uniform is pretty damn good looking. Like, beautiful. I wish they’d liberate Sheffield just so I could be around them. This could of been because this film was half Dept. of Defence recruitment video. The other half was a toy advert.
  4. What’s the deal with Megan Fox’s lips? CG?

    In this picture, the flower represents this blog post.

    In this picture, the flower represents this blog post.

  5. The American motor trade make some pretty crappy looking vehicles. I’d heard stories, y’know about how the motor trade in the US is failing? Occassionally we get a Crystler sold over her in the UK that makes it onto the streets but if you just look away it’s okay and it’s clear why the industry is in such trouble. But this film really helped clarify the whole situation. The French make panel vans with more character than trendiest modern GMC models.
  6. Based on evidence in this film; black people have really bad teeth. Even robots who are portrayed by black people (or vis-versa… I’m not sure what the deal is) have bad teeth. Robots with bad teeth. Seriously. Just the ‘black’ ones. All over this film. Wierd (and they don’t read so gud, huh huh).
  7. Arabs on the other hand: I learnt nothing new about them. They’re the same as they are in all American films, “Hey mister! I like Ice-T too!
  8. If you’re a 26 year old man, you shouldn’t go and watch a film aimed at teenage boys. Particularly one made by a racist, mysoginistic, flag-waving retard.

Deadline – a post-it animation

June 18th, 2009 by Ian

The good thing about the new Adobe icons is they’re very easy to recreate in Post-its. Still, god knows how long this took. Music by Röyksopp. (via @laughingsquid)