How to Destroy Angels

It was sad when Nine Inch Nails stopped work. Trent Reznor announced he was getting married and touring stopped. Girls. Ruin. Everything. Understandable after 22 years, but a shame all the same. As NiN wound-down, some of the side projects were a little lacking, but there is always something of interest in each one. I had high hopes for the Inevitable Rise and Liberation of NiggyTardust! Reznor and Saul Williams sounded like a match made in heaven, but the result was nothing special, with the U2 cover, Sunday Bloody Sunday, perhaps being the most embarrassing low point of the project. However, this project, How to Destroy Angels, with his new wife Mariqueen Maandig is fortunately a much stronger attempt and one with a lot of potential. Maandigs vocals are well used and this isn’t a straight extension of the NiN catalogue (and nor is that what I’m after, personally), but it should be reasonably familiar to NiN fans (play the intro to With Teeth’s ‘Only’ and then new track Fur… told you so). The retail model is as generous as previous offerings and hardly worth discussion (it works, good luck to ’em). Reznor has got more money out of me this way than he ever did on Interscope.

How to Destroy Angels EP cover

How to Destroy Angels EP cover

You can listen free here and the new video to The Space Inbetween is as unnerving as you’d expect from this lot: they’re named after a Coil track for crying out loud. I’d love to get my hands on some hi-res copies of the EP artwork ‘n all. It’s reminiscent of work by Mark Weaver, which I’ve blogged about in the past.

Listen to the new How to Destroy Angels EP

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