Palin does stand-up

This title is not a joke. I’m a big Sarah Palin fan. Some people say she has no knowledge of politics, foreign countries, science and has a shoddy grip on the whole human experience. Those people tend to be elitists (British translation: people with three-figure IQs). It’s a shame she never made it to VP. God, I love fireworks. Now she’s finally found something that everyone can agree she’s good at: stand-up comedy. Dems, Republicans, Libertarians, gays, Muslims, Jews and people who hold up “Jebus hates fagurts” banners at protests could all come together and enjoy some Palin stand-up. I don’t think it’s simply the top-flight jokes she tells, but the delivery. As Frank Carson said: “It is. The way. That you tell. Them.” The right wing in this country is in dire need of a proper comic since Bernard Manning went to the giant pie shop in the sky and Jim Davidson finally disappeared up his own backside (erm, I think. Either that or he lives in the UAE). I think she’d be honoring both the ‘special relationship’ and the needs of the British comedy circuit if she came over here and did a tour. We love you Sarah!

Even news-bots v1.4, v2, and 1.9(f) on Fox news agree with me. Great catch from v1.4 there as well: Palin isn’t “Our own”, she’s simply a contributor, silly! (In the same way ‘tea parties’ are in no way organized by the Murdoch ‘massive’). Just remember: Only Rush Limbaugh can make jokes about retards, so don’t expect that sort of humor from Sarah.

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