Icycle caters for uncrowded niche

I know. It’s about time that someone released a game featuring a lonely nude man on a bike too small for him. In the ice. Brilliant artwork ahoy.


A simple yet totally addictive flash mini-game: dampgnat.com/icycle

3 Responses to “Icycle caters for uncrowded niche”

  1. Ian Parr (devolute) 's status on Thursday, 08-Oct-09 21:12:39 UTC - Identi.ca Says:

    […] http://www.devolute.net/2009/10/08/icycle-caters-for-uncrowded-niche/ a few seconds ago from Gwibber […]

  2. Richeh Says:

    I dunno. Naked on a bicycle saddle; seems to me your niche would be pretty much packed.

  3. Andy Says:

    most addictive

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