Trench run tee from Design by Humans

Design by Humans run a Threadless-style shop where they take designs from a large number of designers and print the best ones. I couldn’t resist this one:

Stay on target T-shirt by tastyhills from Design By Humans

Stay on target T-shirt by tastyhills from Design By Humans

Yes, those are F4U Corsairs taking the place of the usual X-Wings in the attack on the first Death Star. There is a P40 on the back as well, which I’d imagine takes the place of the Y-Wing. Obviously this is all going to make me very popular with girls, right? Nothing like a good 1940s/Star Wars mash-up.

I bought another tee too and spent enough money doing so (got hit by stupid import taxes, gah!) to warrant a quick review. They’re well printed and a good fit, but the quality of the fabric seems a bit disappointing. Certainly, it’s less than American Apparel tees that brands like this often print on. Time will tell how they fare. It’s available here at DbH, should you share my questionable taste in clothing.

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  2. Ramaldo Says:

    Reading your previous post and then this one… I’d definatley put you in the “dork” catigory!

  3. Ian Says:

    Camping catigory or none-camping catigory?

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  5. matt Says:

    I COMPLETELY disagree with you about the quality of the fabric DBH uses. They are one of the only sites out there that have shirts specifically manufactured for them. Their shirts are easily one of the best i’ve ever worn. definitely better than American Apparel.

  6. Ian Says:

    Hi Matt, maybe I got a bad batch. ‘cos I have some AA t infront of me that I picked up at a gig and it’s noticeably thicker than the DBH. I’m not saying they’re awful, but they (certainly the ones that reached me!) aren’t exactly the best.

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