Differences between Current TV UK and US can be a little depressing

Current TV are an indie tv network who, I’m guessing reasonably confidently, depend mainly on the web for viewers.  They’ve done some good stuff. In particular, one thing I watched that stuck in my mind was a documentary on Russian nazi gangs who attack foreign students. It was hard hitting, it wasn’t the sort of thing you’d see on the BBC or CNN. It was ‘forgotten world’ reporting, exactly the sort of thing Current TV should do.  Naturally, I follow both CurrentTV US and Current TV UK on Twitter and something recently struck me.

Here in the UK we sometimes like to poke fun at the US’s attitude to current affairs reporting. Maybe we’ll laugh at the CNN homepage as it becomes full of reports of Britneys latest outburst. Or possibly we’d compare measured debate on Newsnight to O Reily / Becks insane outbursts. But on the web and especially at Current TV, the US often takes the intellectual high-ground (or at least the high-brow ground).  I attach the following as evidence from my Twitter client:

Current TV on my twitter client

Current TV in my twitter feed

Sadly, this sort of contrast is pretty typical. If you don’t believe me, I recommend you go to the Current website and use the top-right icon to switch between the British and American versions. So in short: come on Current UK! You’ve got some great staff and in the UK we’d love some relevant localised reporting. Surpass your US brother and don’t fall into the Heat Magazine pit.

(yes, I realise I posted this just after kittens. Shameful)

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