10:10 is a good idea but is in danger of doing more harm than good

This weekends article by Madeleine Bunting for the Guardian reads like parody. Lifestyle changes which will have arguably minimal positive effect on the environment: check. Angst over carbon footprint whilst still taking flights abroad and owning a large house: check. And as if to round off the parody so perfectly: Two paragraphs detailing the guilt of Aga ownership! Perfect! This is article, along with many disappointingly similar others, is part of the Guardians new 10:10 campaign. The idea is for us to sign up and make personal carbon cuts ourselves, 10% in 2010, so that pressure is put on the government to make similar efforts. It would be nice to think that we’d spend a little more time putting pressure on industry who of course are the real big polluters and whatever private citizens do is next to useless if we can’t get them on board.

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The 10:10 campaign was launched in the Tate Modern because obviously a more smug middle class location was not available.I think the 10:10 tags are set to become some of this years more desirable items. Like those ‘Make Poverty History’ bracelets (I wonder how that one turned out?). All in all I think it’s a great idea. However it may contain too many elements which put us in danger of creating a wall of smugness that distances those who honestly care about climate change from those who are yet to sign up for the full effort.

Web developer hat on: The 10:10 website is superb in both it’s design and execution, except totally unnecessary use of flash of course.

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  2. Ramaldo Says:

    Completely agree with this one Ian…

    Some of the suggestions of how to drop your carbon emissions were terrible! My favourite was “Let’s all stop using public transport and walk everywhere instead.” Most of the country’s population (outside of London, where most of the Guardian seems to be centred around) are still using their own cars, never mind public transport!

    Also, surely a great way to drop carbon emissions would be to stop buying newspapers…?

  3. Ste Says:

    Just when I thought your blog was dead you pull this out of the hat. Nice work 10/10

  4. Richeh Says:

    Is my carbon emission one of those things I’m supposed to know, like my tax bracket? Because if I find out 10% is an entirely arbitrary amound nobody will ever be able to measure, I’m going to start burning polystyrene.

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