Analyticator WordPress plug-in gets some dashboard-based awesome

My WordPress installs have benefitted from the Google Analyticator plug-in for ages now. Partially through the lazyness of keeping my calls to the GA (Google Analytics) javascript up to date. But now there is a much better reason to use it.  They’ve built in an interface that can be embeded on your WordPress dashboard. Now I don’t have to clunk my way into the GA interface to see my stats.

Google Analyticator gets your stats in your WordPress dashboard

Google Analyticator puts stats on your WordPress dashboard

Yes, embaressing stats. But I do get the odd spike every now and again. Honest! The Google Analyticator plug-in for WordPress requires authentication with Google. This is the 2nd piece of software I’ve used which has taken advantage of the GA API in such a way; the first one being the very pretty Ego for the iPhone, which allows you to keep track of some basic stats across your sites on one convenient page.

Grab Google Analyticator for you blog now. It works with most themes.

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