Logan Walters Wu-Tang Design Remix Project

All the kids love Wu-Tang, but some of the album art for the album covers is pretty crap. I’d actually say that album art for hip-hop albums is probably worse than other genres, on average. I don’t know why that is. Maybe designers don’t like hip-hop? Maybe artists and labels concentrate more on the music instead and consider good design an unnecessary expense. Maybe typography is a naughty word. Designer Logan Walters has taken it upon himself to redesign some of the old Wu albums. They’re a bit reminiscent of old Hitchcock movie posters. I think they’re a great improvement on the originals:

36 Chambers remix

36 Chambers remix

I can’t slag the original designs off without saying that I’ve always thought one Wu-tang album has excellent album art: Bobby Digital in Stereo, a side-project by the RZA. It’s probably my favourite cover and a pretty good album to boot.

View pt 1 of the collection of ‘new’ Wu-Tang albums at Logans blog. I hear he’s planning a pt 2.

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