The best of Google Streetview UK

Google Street View is a pretty amazing addition to Maps now we’ve got it in the UK. I’ve seen my nans house, my office and my old car but now I’m bored. I need someone to find the best bits for me. Only a few cities are covered so far, but fortunately for me that includes Sheffield. I’m finding from blogs and twitter that people that understand the technology don’t care about the intrusion, because it’s just so damn cool.

Friend of Catch21, Conrad, created this flickr group to highlight the best of Street View UK . I’ve displayed a highlight here *proudly plays national anthem*

Visit the Google Street View flickr group.

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  1. Ramaldo Says:

    This country eh?

    It just goes to show you can’t be too careful!

    *Goes to comment on the BBC HYS site whilst clutching Daily Mail*

  2. linked site Says:

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