Stewart Lee’s Comedy Vehicle

Stewart Lee

Stewart Lee

Stewart Lee isn’t just good at pissing off Christians, he’s also a very funny stand-up comic. Now he might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s great to have a comedian on that early in the evening on BBC2 who doesn’t insult my intelligence. Especially as he spends most of the time slagging off the BBC staples of Moyles, Clarkson et al. It’s not even a one off. He’s got a series out of it. God knows who let that happen. Presumably the same person who allowed the classic TMWRNJ with Richard Herring. It’s even produced by Armando Iannucci for crying out loud! What more do you people want?

Last nights show focused on ‘Toilet Books’, or rather celebrity hardbacks. Leigh deals with the whole thing not with anger, or angst but with a lofty disapproval. He’s cleverer than all of us (and of course much funnier). That’s just something we have to deal with.

See it on iPlayer here for the next few days.

And yes, it’s got the actor Kevin Eldon in it, obviously.

4 Responses to “Stewart Lee’s Comedy Vehicle”

  1. Ramaldo Says:

    I’m not normally a fan of Stewart Lee on comedy panel shows but was plesantly surprised by this…

    It might have something to do with the fact that I am also a book snob.

  2. Richeh Says:

    It’s funny you should say he’s not insulting your intelligence when he’s delivering a joke to the audience, spinning on the spot and delivering the punchline directly to a camera behind him, apparently without irony. He might as well make shooty fingers at it and punctuate the pauses with “eyyyyyyyyy”.

    Stewart Lee is, as ever, a comedy genius but the production on it though, is totally wrong for what it is. As a “Canned Carrott” style standup-and-audience style show, this would be god and win. As it is, it just seems like they’re looking for ways to spend money on it.

  3. Ian Says:

    You’re totally right. Massive budget. The rest of us saw a guy standing up talking about books, but what was really happening was he was piloting a death star into the face of the moon in full HD.

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