MF Doom & Ghostface team up for Chinatown Wars

The Nintendo DS has always seemed a little bit too ‘kiddy’ for me, but with the release of Chinatown Wars, things look like they’re about to change. This game looks better for the fact that it’s a DS-specific title, not some hand-me down re-jigging of a Playstation title. The stylus seems to be an integral part of the game, rather than some tagged-on annoyance.

What also helps is the presence of personal fav MF Doom on the soundtrack. Oh, and Ghostface Killah. Delicious. Time to get me a DS.

The game is out next week. Check out some trailers etc. at the official site.

[edit: definative review imho here ;)]

3 Responses to “MF Doom & Ghostface team up for Chinatown Wars”

  1. Ramaldo Says:

    Totally dope son. Totally dope.

  2. Andokun Says:

    Well excited about this game – think I’ll bite the bullet and hand over some cash for it.

  3. Richeh Says:

    Tragically, no. The stylus bits are knobgash. It’s basically GTA2 with routefinder and lock-on aiming. And no electricity gun so far >:/

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