One man’s mission to occupy his time…

Proving that job seekers allowance isn’t the worst thing in the world, my pal Andy has started blogging again.

He’s pretty funny, but I give him 2 months. Max.

4 Responses to “One man’s mission to occupy his time…”

  1. Ramaldo Says:

    Discussion of the best use of the word Drizzle and monkey Zepplins…

    I think I’ve got a new favorite blog!

  2. Ed Says:

    I think you should pack up shop, sell your computer and train to become a plumber this boy has it down.

    – nicer page layouts
    – faster response times
    – better looking author

    and all without using copy/paste technologies!

  3. Ian Says:

    Totally agree Ed. You’re right about everything there.

    There is, at most, the need for 2, maybe 3, blogs on the internets. I think it’s time to step aside…

  4. rob Says:

    i disagree ed. page layout is boring and not nearly as full of “stuff”. i also find ians page loads faster, even though there’s more detail. third point ill leave for the gays.

    maybe i just feel spurned by the recent end-of-season-style-cliff-hanger-followed-by-inevitable-letdown of andy’s blog. thats right, im getting bitchy on blogs.

    edit: actually, looking at it, andy writes more.

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