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It’s not Christmas until we get another Barney the Dog video

December 19th, 2008 by Ian

The worlds most universally hated man and serial bastard, President George Bush, has a dog called Barney. Barney has stared in many of his own videos and this Christmas is no exception. The reason for Barney taking such a role at Christmas is probably because despite his support of the war and attacking journos, he’s probably the least unpopular living entity in the Whitehouse.

His latest video is painful, obviously. It’s nice to see the Bush twins  in a less slutty pose for a change. Watching the Bush family ‘interact’ is undoubtedly cringe worthy but like all good train-wrecks, you’ve got to watch.

Barney and the Bush family

Barney and the Bush family; Maybe a white fluffy cat would be more fitting.

The thing that disappoints me, as a non-American, is that the production of the video is actually rather good. Well; not ‘telly good’ (maybe ITV), but Barney the dog receives definitely better video production than most of our British politicians.