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Iraqi journalist says goodbye to Bush. With his shoes

December 14th, 2008 by Ian

Remember when the statue of Saddam fell and everyone set about it with their shoes? It was then that I learnt that a shoe to the face is pretty much the greatest insult one Arab can give another. Well; at a recent press-contest an Iraqi journalist threw his shoes at Bush. He almost got him in the face. It’s a pity Bush dodged, because then he could have said he had at least sacrificed something in the war on terror / Iraq / anyone who looks at us funny. Still, it was a pretty good throw (non of this under-arm nonsense) so full credit to the guy.

Apparently the reporter shouted, “This is a fairwell kiss, you dog” before he probably got the secret-service ass-kicking of his life. Apparently Dana Perino White House Press Secretary / presidential eye candy Dana Perino came away with a black eye in the scuffle. Lets hope at least she passes that message on.

I don’t know if it needs making clear how Iraqis feel about the current (but not for long, thank god) president but you never know, we might see Obama wearing an anti-hush puppies flak vest. For the comments section: If you could have any footwear thrown at you, what would it be?