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Alphabet Trucks

December 26th, 2008 by Ian

Not sure why I like this, but I do. Apparently, these shots were taken over many thousands of miles and four years between Santa Barbara and LA.

Now I know my A, B, Cs.....

Now I know my A, B, Cs.....

Remember what Ted Stevens told us. These aren’t internets. They are big trucks. Thanks.

Alphabet Truck print via

Ahmadinejad to deliver C4 christmas message

December 24th, 2008 by Ian


Channel 4 are courting controversy as usual and are letting the President of Iran take the reigns of their ‘Alternative Christmas Message’. I usually don’t watch the Queens message (because I know what she’s going to say anyway), but I think I’ll be watching this. I’ve not heard much from Mahmoud Ahmadinejad since Obama won the election. Although Obama isn’t exactly going soft on Iran, he doesn’t seem to be partaking in any G. W. Bush-style goading of the Iranians. So if Ahmadinejad mentions anything about his new less-threatening counter-part, it could be quite interesting.

We never get to hear Iranian politicians without it going through some pretty heavy filtering. Remember the “Israel must be wiped off the map” ‘translation‘ in the Western media? I’m no fan of Ahmadinejad’s often frankly dickish behaviour, but an appearance like this on Western TV is definitely a must watch for anyone interested in the nonsensical  ‘war on terror’ and the Middle East

Battle of Hoth in Lego

December 22nd, 2008 by Ian

A Battle of Hoth Lego diorama is the next logical step from this previous blog post I suppose. Unless of course you think the idea of a Rebel offensive makes it more likely that this defensive battle is a step backwards. Chronologically. I’ve said too much.

Lego Hoth

Lego Hoth

Feat. AT-ATs, Snowspeeders and the usual Millennium falcon. LEDs provide some atmospheric lighting. The whole set of picture can be seen on the builders flickr account. Once again; nerdgasm.

Via Gizmodo via Brother Brick

It’s not Christmas until we get another Barney the Dog video

December 19th, 2008 by Ian

The worlds most universally hated man and serial bastard, President George Bush, has a dog called Barney. Barney has stared in many of his own videos and this Christmas is no exception. The reason for Barney taking such a role at Christmas is probably because despite his support of the war and attacking journos, he’s probably the least unpopular living entity in the Whitehouse.

His latest video is painful, obviously. It’s nice to see the Bush twins  in a less slutty pose for a change. Watching the Bush family ‘interact’ is undoubtedly cringe worthy but like all good train-wrecks, you’ve got to watch.

Barney and the Bush family

Barney and the Bush family; Maybe a white fluffy cat would be more fitting.

The thing that disappoints me, as a non-American, is that the production of the video is actually rather good. Well; not ‘telly good’ (maybe ITV), but Barney the dog receives definitely better video production than most of our British politicians.

Augmented reality Mini ad is unspeakably awesome

December 18th, 2008 by Ian

I don’t own a webcam, but if advertisers started doing more cool stuff like this, I’d probably buy one.

I wouldn’t, however, buy a yellow Mini convertable.

via Gizmodo

Computer hardware that looks a diagram of human organs #1

December 16th, 2008 by Ian

USB to PS2 Adapter

Part of a new series courtesy of my insatiable hardware buying thirst. Did I spend too long looking through science text books at school? I feel a meme coming on.

This 1st post on the new (and absolutely superb) WordPress 2.7 is brought to you by the Beavis and Butthead part of my brain. Thank you.

Iraqi journalist says goodbye to Bush. With his shoes

December 14th, 2008 by Ian

Remember when the statue of Saddam fell and everyone set about it with their shoes? It was then that I learnt that a shoe to the face is pretty much the greatest insult one Arab can give another. Well; at a recent press-contest an Iraqi journalist threw his shoes at Bush. He almost got him in the face. It’s a pity Bush dodged, because then he could have said he had at least sacrificed something in the war on terror / Iraq / anyone who looks at us funny. Still, it was a pretty good throw (non of this under-arm nonsense) so full credit to the guy.

Apparently the reporter shouted, “This is a fairwell kiss, you dog” before he probably got the secret-service ass-kicking of his life. Apparently Dana Perino White House Press Secretary / presidential eye candy Dana Perino came away with a black eye in the scuffle. Lets hope at least she passes that message on.

I don’t know if it needs making clear how Iraqis feel about the current (but not for long, thank god) president but you never know, we might see Obama wearing an anti-hush puppies flak vest. For the comments section: If you could have any footwear thrown at you, what would it be?

National Hack The Government Day

December 11th, 2008 by Ian

This is possibly not exactly what you’re thinking. This is ‘hack’ to improve, not destroy. Why haven’t we done this before?

Government isn’t very good at computers. They spend millions to produce mediocre websites, hide away really useful public information and generally get it wrong. Which is a shame.

Calling all people who make things. We’re going to show them how it’s done.

They’re completely right of course. Government currently are a bit of a joke on the web. Especially local Government. Just look my own councils awful awful website. Call that navigation? “Widescreen”? wtf? I’m not sure about this, but I wouldn’t be surprised if was the gang at TheyWorkForYou, simply because I know they are very much on the ball when it comes to the web and politics in Britain. The web is a great way to share information that should be available to the public. Doing that only strengthens democracy and increases citizen interac…. oh why the hell am I saying this? They know that. We know that. Lets hope someone does something about it.

I personally feel that when large companies get involved with the Government and computers then it almost always ends in unmitigated disaster (see; NHS). Maybe if APIs are created, access is encouraged (or even allowed), OpenSource is utilised and work is done by designers and developers on a volunteer/small agency basis, then we’d see a lot more useful stuff. Well, a lot more usable stuff anyway and certainly a lot less waste. I’ve signed up. Lets hope this flourishes.

edit: example of government waste provided

Apple’s environmental policy shown again to be a sham

December 9th, 2008 by Ian

We’ve all heard how Apple try and make it sound like they actually give a damn about the environment, and we listen. Then we feel slightly less bad about replacing our iPhone after a few months of use. There is plenty of reading regarding shipping material waste and Apple, but it’s still nice to see them in action, like when this box turned up at work this week:

True, we bought it from Amazon so I think they’re probably to blame as well, but don’t big companies work together on shipment policies? Amazon would be in trouble if they started shipping out iPods in egg-boxes, so why not if they do dumb things like shipping tiny items in massive boxes? I won’t even get into how it’s stupid that we even needed a new monitor adaptor in the first place. It seems to be Apple-specific and unlike the video connections to any other non-fruit-based computer I’ve seen.

My collegue was so narked that he wrote a good old rant about it on our agency website.

Stacking Cattle: a blog

December 9th, 2008 by Ian

‘Stacking Cattle’ is the title of a new blog written by a pal of mine. He’s so 2002! He’s going to be using terms like ‘blogosphere’ and ‘multi-faceted media node’. Anyway he’s funnier than me (at least online) and recent subjects include comedians, inappropriate links to lemonparty and racist S60 applications. I’d suggest taking a look, if only because it keeps him off the streets.

6 or 7 popes: for when 1 pope just isn’t enough

December 8th, 2008 by Ian

6 or 7 popes

See the Popes tackle the important issues of the day. Piracy? Check. Intolerance? Check. A progressive catholic church? Check!

You can follow their adventures at They crap over the Justice League imho.

Super Mario Kart for reals

December 6th, 2008 by Ian

I’ve seen this Remi guy before, kicking footballs at Policemen and stealing their hats etc. Now he’s re-enacting Super Mario Kart. Watch him run away from the police. It can’t be too long before he finally gets a proper ass-kicking!

Via Ars Technica

Dockta Valkus provides this months quota of free hip-hop

December 2nd, 2008 by Ian

Dockta Valkus - Skybase

This spacey Canadian has been on my ‘phones for the past week or so. His free (as in beer) album ‘Skybase’ deserves a listen, especially for those of you who appreciate stuff like Deltron 3030 and DJ Krush. It’s very sci-fi. It’s very underground hip-hop. It’s very good. I might as well just quote from label Neferiu Records website:

I’d say don’t sleep, but this is the stuff you’d actually hear if you happened to pass out at a drive-in theater while watching a double feature of ‘Cosmic Man’ and ‘Earth Vs. The Flying Saucers’. Please download it, it’s so sick.

Couldn’t have put it better myself. I may even send ’em some cash. The album can be downloaded from the labels release page.