One eyed woman wants digital eye-cam

Tanya lost an eye in a car accident and was supplied by a pretty realistic looking prosthetic replacement. It seems, however, that she’d like to make the best of a bad situation and ‘upgrade’ that eye. She has put out a call on her blog for engineers to build her an eye with a digital camera that can provide augmented reality. There are a few possiblities; a ‘Terminator’-like display readout perhaps, or maybe just the ability to document her day with a genuine photographic memory. She seems to be gathering quite a bit of interest and I would imagine those with the skill-set to work with these sort of devices would always welcome a guinea pig. The devleopment could turn out to be very interesting.

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  1. rob Says:

    “The average age of Twitter users is 38”

    Old man ;-P

  2. rob Says:

    oh wait, now im all confused, im actually quoting an article you put as your facebook status, thinking i was posting it to that twitter thread, when in actual fact it all makes no sense.

    incase you cant tell, i just worked my first double (14 hours) shift at work. tired.

  3. Rich Says:

    oh, this is fucking awesome. From the comments:

    “If you don’t already have a camera…

    I know someone recently who had swallowed a pill camera so that his intestines could be checked out.

    When the camera came out, my relative was instructed to just throw it out. Apparently, even though they cost over $1000 they are not reused.

    But I bet they could be disinfected, removed from their plastic capsule, given a new battery and reused.”


  4. Rich Says:

    Also, I’m a little confused. Does she mean she wants it wired into her optic nerve, or she just wants a wireless camera built into the prosthetic so she can pop it out and roll it around like a Bond villain?

  5. Ian Says:

    y’know I’m not sure. I think she’s all like “Here’s a socket. Do something AWESOME”

  6. rob Says:

    insert gag

  7. Ste Says:

    Shes all like, yeah I have lost an eye and now I want to get engineers to build me one for free. You know cos if you put enough engineers in 1 room eventually they will make something.

    This made me lol

    Sorry to sound like a youtube kid but FAKE!

  8. Ian Says:

    If you put enough engineers in a room you usually end up with something like the Saturn 5 rocket or the internet.

    > Sorry to sound like a youtube kid but FAKE!

    *reads page

    >”a you tuber made this video simulating an eye-cam”

    lol. Reading.

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