Google Chrome: time to cut the crap

I know it’s early days. The new Google browser is on Version 0.2 and I’m sure more features will come, more options and less bugs. It’s a browser with potential. It’s pretty fast, it does everything you want (tabs, good javascript support, privacy modes, W3C compliant rendering through webkit) but it’s just a bloody browser. In some JS tests, it’s not even as fast as Firefox.

Unfortunately, it seems like it’s only El Reg who have noticed this.

People are calling Chrome a cloud operating system because it is a “platform for running web apps”. It renders HTML and interprets Javascript, you know, like every fucking browser made since 1995. It’s also got Google Gears built in. Great. I’ll alert Tim Berners-Lee.

They are completely right. The gushing over Chrome by otherwise insightful blogs like Techcrunch about it being a challenger to WIndows is ridiculous. I wish it was, but it’s simply not. Get a grip people!

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