Interpol in Sheffield

This is about the band, not the international crime fighting organisation. Boom boom! I’m so lonely… ANYWAY, last week we went to see one of my favourite current bands for the 1st time. I love Interpol. I think ‘Slow Hands’ is one of the best rock tunes ever and I completely shrug off the common, “Joy Division did this already” comments. They’re on their 3rd (slightly disappointing, but still solid) album now and I don’t have much to say about the gig. It was technically spot on, but it felt a bit cold. Clinical almost. I’m not used seeing big bands I guess (last one of similar standing was Death Cab for Cutie). They were tight, almost too tight, and I felt myself becoming annoyed by the (again, very impressive) guitarists show-boating. Mark E Smith wouldn’t stand for this nonscence y’know. Anyway, I digress. The best thing about this gig wasn’t Interpol (good as they were) or the fact that it was my first visit to the new Sheffield Carling Academy. Oh, about that; they need to get some bloody fans. Just get the air to cycle. Bloody hell guys, c’mon *mops brow*. A decent venue, but you just know that in 6 months it’ll be the dirtiest scruffiest dump in town.

Ladytron in SheffieldWhat I really enjoyed last Wednesday was Ladytron. I’ve been fond of their chirpy electro-pop from the days of ‘Playgirl‘ and their move to a darker sound on 2005s ‘Witching Hour‘ was almost jarring, but oh so acceptable. This years new album ‘Velocifero‘ is much in the same vein and tracks like my personal highlight,’Seasons Of Illusions‘, which sound so snarling, disgusted and aloof are very much welcome. In the end, Ladytron, who seem to try as hard as possible to come across as cold and clinical with their black dress, chant-like lyric delivery and complete inability to look even mildly amused actually felt a lot warmer than the more ‘bouncy’ main act.

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  1. Andy Says:

    You saw Interpol AND Ladytron? I am most jealous. That sounds great 🙂

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