omg zerg rush kekekekek ^_^

I used to love RTS games but ever since the Command and Conquer games turned into a rubbish pile of EA crap, I’ve not had many good ones to play with. It’s a good news Starcraft II is on the way. It looks good and effects heavy, but I’ve also got a feeling that all the units will be balanced perfectly, the AI tuned and the story interesting as well. Basically, it’ll be nothing like the new C&C games that seem to fail on all accounts.

The new Zerg got unveiled in a trailer shown recently in Korea (where else?) and they look especially foreboding. This could be the first RTS I’ll buy in a very long time.

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  1. leon Says:

    Never really been a RTS fan, find the gaming too fiddly and annoying…can’t be arsed to frantically micro manage in real time!

  2. keke Says:

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  3. Starcraft II Says:

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  4. sc2expo Says:


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