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omg zerg rush kekekekek ^_^

March 10th, 2008 by Ian

I used to love RTS games but ever since the Command and Conquer games turned into a rubbish pile of EA crap, I’ve not had many good ones to play with. It’s a good news Starcraft II is on the way. It looks good and effects heavy, but I’ve also got a feeling that all the units will be balanced perfectly, the AI tuned and the story interesting as well. Basically, it’ll be nothing like the new C&C games that seem to fail on all accounts.

The new Zerg got unveiled in a trailer shown recently in Korea (where else?) and they look especially foreboding. This could be the first RTS I’ll buy in a very long time.

UNKLE sounds… good

March 2nd, 2008 by Ian

Unkle - War storiesThe James Lavelle posse are on tour again. We went to see them in Sheffield and it wasn’t what we expected. There was less emphasis on the turntables and much more on the full rock band that basically drove the show. What we expected was more DJ Shadow, what we got was more 65daysofstatic. Guess we should have listened to the last album before we went to see the show. None of this is a complaint, however.

Things should move on. I liked Psyence Fiction, but I don’t want to see it again and again. The last UNKLE album; War Stories isn’t very ‘them’, but it stands well on it’s own and the show definitely reflected this. One thing that has stayed constant is Lavelle’s leaning towards collaborations. What made the 1st album great was that they got people like Mike D and Thom Yorke involved and the new album has guest appearances by people like Josh Homme and one of my personal favorites; the Duke Spirit. I heard that the London show featured appearances by Ian Brown, Badly Drawn Boy and others. Up in Sheffield of course, we didn’t have such treats. The stand-in vocalist was good, but we were left wanting Ian Brown, I think. Still, a good show and the album is worth checking just as long as you’re not expecting another Never, Never Land.