Sheffield Earthquake

I’ve just been sitting here and the whole house shook for about 4 seconds. So, being the geek I am: go internet go! The ever-useful Sheffield Forum tells me that I wasn’t imagining it. Even more surprising is the news there that it was felt as far west as Manchester and that according to my friends who I’m talking to over IM, as far East as Hull. Wierd. They felt it strongly too. More news later, I guess. It’s always interesting to see how the big media (like the BBC) react to this sort of sudden unexpected news.

Update: The BBC have got an initial report here. Got two pals in North London saying they felt substantial shakes.

Update #2: One guy hurt his leg when his chimney fell on him. My Mums piggie bank nearly fell off the telly. That’s it. No doubt the Japanese/San Franciscans are looking on and sneering at us making such a fuss. Unsupprisingly, it was left to to make the defining point.

4 Responses to “Sheffield Earthquake”

  1. leon Says:

    London felt it too, whole room just shook for about 4/5 seconds…very odd experience!

  2. tom Says:

    im in sheffield city centre, could feel it quite strongly, i live in a block of flats and the whole place was swaying lol

  3. Bev Says:

    This quake didn’t feel as bad as the one about 20 years ago, although this time I did hear a rumble. There is no damage to the house, last time we lost plaster from the cellar walls.
    My poor dog had no idea what was happening and was very skittish for quite a while until I bribed him with some treats! At first I wondered if a lorry had hit a car outside my house, but when I looked and saw no-one about I realised it was a ‘quake. Being so late I didn’t want to phone anyone and wake them up so I put on the radio. BBC Radio Sheffield had absolutely nothing but thank the gods for Radio Hallam! They had people ringing in and I felt better knowing I hadn’t imagined it all !!!

  4. Tom Beaton Says:

    Market Rasen was supposedly the epicentre. That puts Hull and Sheff really quite close to it!

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