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Garfield Minus Garfield

February 27th, 2008 by Ian

garfield without garfieldI never found Garfield that funny. But then we’re on the 59862145th strip now and it’s pretty hard to think of something new isn’t it? People have taken to photoshopping the cat out of the strip, and now they appear to be a look into the mind of a man on the edge, a wildly delusional schizophrenic. Much, much better.

The best can be found on the garfield minus garfield blog.

Sheffield Earthquake

February 27th, 2008 by Ian

I’ve just been sitting here and the whole house shook for about 4 seconds. So, being the geek I am: go internet go! The ever-useful Sheffield Forum tells me that I wasn’t imagining it. Even more surprising is the news there that it was felt as far west as Manchester and that according to my friends who I’m talking to over IM, as far East as Hull. Wierd. They felt it strongly too. More news later, I guess. It’s always interesting to see how the big media (like the BBC) react to this sort of sudden unexpected news.

Update: The BBC have got an initial report here. Got two pals in North London saying they felt substantial shakes.

Update #2: One guy hurt his leg when his chimney fell on him. My Mums piggie bank nearly fell off the telly. That’s it. No doubt the Japanese/San Franciscans are looking on and sneering at us making such a fuss. Unsupprisingly, it was left to to make the defining point.