Monkey Tennis 2.0

alan-partridge.jpgIt’s only after you read the BBC Innovation Labs briefs that you start to get a bit bogged down by ‘Web 2.0-speak’. It has even started to creep into Private Eye magazine on an almost fortnightly basis now. We need help in these fast moving times. We need a man who knows the media. A man so pioneering, a man so brave and a man so in touch with what’s happening right now. We need this man to help us through all the buzz words. The man we need is Alan Partridge. My colleague at rckt wrote a few Partridge-esque ideas that might help the BBC in producing some new and exciting content for the web.

Photos posted to Flickr from Alan’s Iphone, geotagged and mashed onto Microsoftâ„¢ Live Map

This is what the web needs.

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