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Chuck Norris; officially a dead meme

November 22nd, 2007 by Ian

Chuck Norris and Mike HuckabeeDo you ever ask yourself; what would it be like if they crossed tired old internet ‘humour’ with right-wing US politics? The answer is this: a political campaign advert from Republican hopeful Mike Huckabee and old, bad action-film star Chuck Norris. Embarrassing?. Check. Unhelpful to the political discourse? Check. Hopefully a final nail in this Chuck Norris joke facebook-app, e-mail F.w., old-meme bollocks? Doubt it. Fingers crossed though. It will be interesting to see if important issues like border control are really the best place for Chuck Norris jokes.

View the video in question on YouTube.

It’s a little known fact, but World War 2 was actually the biggest prank in the history of ironic humour.

November 12th, 2007 by

Kelly ClarksonIn 1933, Adolf Hitler campaigned for power under one of the most ridiculous manifestos of all time. Despite the fact that his conspiracy theories regarding the Jews were patently ridiculous, the student population found him irresistable with his ridiculous hair and laughable mustache. When Otto Krinkhoven, one of the fashoinistas of the time, was asked who he was voting for, he drily replied; “Hitler’s got my backing”. The Nazi party was born, largely due to the written medium’s failure to convey sarcasm.

The landslide victory Hitler recieved was largely due to the German student population’s heroic capacity to invest in a jape; so was the great Night Of Ironic Broken Glass, as all over the country, uniformed goons broke into Jews’ houses and places of work. This was hilarious at the time, since they were all so obviously not racists. It was trumped only as the axis forces fell to allied troops, giggling at how Crazy they all were.

As the Allies drove into Berlin, they were greeted by public derision, as the Germans proclaimed “Herauf Sie Kerle, können nicht erleichtern Sie es sehen sind alle ein Witz?” (“Lighten up you guys, can’t you see it’s all a joke?”).

To this day, it remains an offence in Germany to deny the holocaust, or to tell a joke. Lest we may forget. This unpublishable history lesson was brought to you by Rich’s “Stop voting for Jeremy Clarkson or you’re worse than Hitler” campaign. Yes, he knows he’s a hypocrite.

Clarkson shown in picture may be different to that in text. We can be ironic too.