Colbert on the Simpsons

Stephen Colbert Simpsons-styleI finally got around to seeing the Simpsons film recently. It was on a ferry and as such there wasn’t anything better on offer. It was the very definition of mediocrity. The same can be said for most recent Simpson’s episodes, however at least now there is a reason to watch the latest seasons offering. A ‘guest’ appearance from the finest ‘Daily Show’ escapee, but still better featured than previous guests have been. Is there nothing Stephen cannot bring a little light to?

4 Responses to “Colbert on the Simpsons”

  1. Ed Says:

    Not sure it was that great of a guest star appearance, he didn’t bring the Colbert lols from his TV show but the intro which followed on from the movie I thought was a nice touch.

  2. Rami Says:

    Simpsons running out of ideas again?

  3. Chris Says:

    Shouldn’t this post also be tagged to go in your cinema category?

  4. Ian Says:

    No, as it has nothing to do with the cinema.

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