iPhone: meet the British media. No tongues, please.

Here in the UK, the iPhone arrives in approximately ten tears time. When we finally get it, the crippling restrictions that will be put on it in terms of bandwidth and connectivity by the traditionally stingy mobile phone providers will render it almost useless. It’s smooth, rounded, shiny and you could probably loose it if you sat on one too quickly, but all that is irrelevant if the absence of network support renders it useless. Could someone please tell the BBC this? Listening to the radio this afternoon, it seems that not only are they determined to advertise a product (someone should take a flick through these documents, perhaps?) but they are advertising one that isn’t even available to people in this country! It’s worth pointing out that other equipment is available that does what the iPhone does (well, almost). I think that perhaps the (alleged) generous 20% discount that Apple gives British journos may have something to do with the constant repetition of Apple-propaganda which is very, very boring. We expect this crap in some places, but on the BBC?

Maybe they just feel guilty for what they’ve done to Apple elsewhere? In short: Don’t believe the hype, Auntie Beeb. np: It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back

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  1. Rami Says:

    Great blog; was thinking exactly the same thing this weekend. At least two DJs that I heard on Radio One (Moyles and Annie Mac) were quite happy to announce that they would spend the rest of their show plugging the iPhone if they could get one for free. I was shocked that the BBC allowed this kind of thing to go on. That gangly goon from Bolton is the worst for it though; from time to time I have to make sure I’ve not switched over to some crappy local station with the amounts of plugging that goes on with his show.

    “It’s smooth, rounded, shiny and you could probably loose it if you sat on one too quickly”

    It’s lose, not loose.

  2. Ed Says:

    I admit being in the midst of the launch it does feel like BBC gave it way too much coverage. But I can’t see it being much more than the recently launched PS3, Wii or 360. People love their gadgets these days and I guess it’s an easy topic to cover that will draw views in, but whether they should or shouldn’t do it? You know me I’ll probably end up buying one anyway 🙁

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