I Like Pie: An evening with Mr. Scruff

Mr. ScruffI’d sworn to myself that I’d get round to seeing Mr. Scruff; DJ, artist and all round leg-end. Fortunately, last week a friend invited me back once again to Hull to see him at the uni. What a brilliant night. Such a fun DJ! Plenty of people dancing, very early in the night and such great visuals from the VJ as well. Lots of fluffy animals. Lots of pie. He drew everyone into it with some of his classic tunes, a drop of tweeness, a bit of a Rooty-toot Manuva, some more bass and then British geek-anthem, Ug. Go to a party where Mr. Scruff is playing. It will make you very, very happy.

(p.s. big thanks to Jon for basically driving me and my kit round all weekend)

5 Responses to “I Like Pie: An evening with Mr. Scruff”

  1. Jonty Says:

    I am jealous. Oh so jealous.

  2. Jo Says:

    I went to see Mr Scruff on friday as well – same place. So good!

  3. Ian Says:

    Mr. Scruff are stockport hence. He made a wee filum in which he lauded the many virtues of our precious viaduct…..it is a lovely viaduct

  4. Ian Says:

    oooh! Macclesfield birth…but stockport spirit….hoisT1

  5. Ian Says:

    *cough* ‘Other Ian’ here, I hear it’s the 2ND biggest brick structure in Europe?

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