GTA IV Trailer; finally

GTA 4 logoAfter keeping the gaming/geek community on edge for so long, Rockstar Games finally released the trailer for GTA IV this week. I actually spent enough time with the last two GTA games that I finished them. They’re great fun. Plus when they get released, it’s great to read the Daily Mail columns complaining about how they are corrupting our youth. arf. Not entirely sure when (or even if) we’ll see this on the PC. I hope we do; I don’t fancy selling a kidney so I can afford to buy a PS3 (seems no one else does either). The trailer isn’t all that action-packed, it’s more tantalising; drawing fans in to make a load of predictions about what absolutely every little bit means. Interestingly (well, for me anyway) it uses Philip Glass as a soundtrack, complete with trade mark formulaic cadences. Guess it makes a change from the expected Kim Wilde/Grandmaster Flash (and anything in-between) of the previous games.

View the video here. Warning though; the huge hi-def copy almost crippled my (admitedly long in the tooth) computer; low-res copies are also available.

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