North American Scum

Sound of Silver albumThat’s the name of the current LCD Soundsystem single by the way, this isn’t the beginning of a xenophobic rant. I popped across the pennies yet again (this time on a bus; thanks to some genius envisaging that a rail link between two of Britain’s biggest cities isn’t particularly important at the weekends) to meet up with a fine young bunch of Mancunians who accompanied me to a very busy gig at the Manchester Academy. Quite an interesting crowd were present; the most annoying of which were people on pills and the (so stereotypically true to form, it hurt) MySpace hipster-types. Both seemed to spend most of the gig facing away from the musicians. This was either through confusion or through obsessive chimping, respectively (the likes of which I’ve not seen since I saw Death Cab for Cutie a couple of months back *shudders*) [thoughts on the gig itself after the jump…]

But why so negative? Pah! It was a great gig. The LCD have never truly amazed me. I loved the music-snobbery love-fest of Loosing my Edge back in 2002 (it still makes me giggle; “I was theeeeeerrreee…”) and like every other human on earth, I have to at least tap the desk appreciatively to Tribulations. Still, I thought I’d better check them out live and it was definitely worthwhile. Despite a set that was a little on the short side, it was interesting to see a band perform what I’d incorrectly assumed to be little more than laptop compositions. Front man Mr. James Murphy really went for those drums towards the end of the show and it was all just such a rich, colourful and downright fun experience, maaaan. Everything wound down right at the end with New York I Love You which I’m sure means something special to someone out there, but it was a pretty rip-roaring affair for most of the gig (to quote someone from the 1950’s). Recommended.

I was rather fond the support as well; Prinzhorn Dance School who did sound somewhat like the Fall. I know. Stop rolling your eyes please. Anyway, despite the crowd on Saturday not exactly appreciating them (there were some boos; which is to be expected when touring with any reasonable sized US act and having to tolerate the minority of rabid idiot fans they will inevitably pick up) they were far from uninteresting. Go and buy/borrow/steal their new 7″ now.

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