Firebug. A lifesaver.

Firebug screenshotA colleague pretty much ordered me to install the new(-ish) Firefox plug-in Firebug onto my machine at work. Now it’s on my machine at home. Why? Because it makes my job at least twice as easy as it was before. I won’t bore you with details; I’ll just say that even alongside other helpful tools such as the Web Developer plug-in, it’s super-handy if you’re building pages, regardless of whether you’re an amateur, a pro, or someone who fools himself into thinking he’s both. The drill is basically as follows: Hit F12. Press ‘Inspect’. Hover over any element on your page and click on it to see what css values that element is using (or not using). You can even change values ‘on the fly’ and the page will update in front of your very eyes (locally at least). It’s the perfect bug-fixing tool.

I’m now going to go do a little bit of fixing elsewhere. Previously, I wouldn’t have been arsed to bother with it had Firebug not made re-understanding previously forgotten old tag soup so easy.

Get Firebug here. If not for me, then for your own sanity!

2 Responses to “Firebug. A lifesaver.”

  1. Jonty Says:

    Firebugs javascript debugger. OMG. Just OMG.

  2. Richeh Says:

    Hah, I thought “someone” was going to be a link to my blog. Sincerely, thanks, for nothing.

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