Still 518 years from that Zager & Evans song

I could of done a ‘my favourite albums/films/gigs/rude things you can do with grapes’ list, but I didn’t. It’s the cowards way out of a year. Lets move on, okay? My Christmas was spent at home with family and friends. Nothing amazing, just nice to see ’em all. Well, mostly. A nice break from my job although barely two months in, I’m still loving it. I’ll mention what gifts I got for Christmas as I watch/read my way through them. I made some new years resolutions. Nothing heavy; read more, write more (here and elsewhere), got some other stuff I wanna sort. Sorry I can’t be more exciting. Going to keep a journal (diary) again too. I did this in my final year at uni and it really helped me to pull through some of the bullshit that decided to drop on me during that time. Still makes for pretty funny reading at times now though.

Slick on my lapBack in Sheffield: James, Ellie and I are being joined by new house-mate; Zoe. When we first met her she mentioned that she fancied having a cat about the place. So did we. As a result, we now have Slick and Intel, two 1 y.o males we took off a fella called Mike who couldn’t look after all of their brothers and sisters any more. They’re a bit sheepish around the house at the moment (yeah, I’m aware they’re not sheep), but their confidence is increasing. I’ve already got a favourite, but it wouldn’t be fair to say who, would it? Predictably, I’ll probably be uploading pictures of them to my flickr account. Anyway friends, lurkers, countrymen, happy new year.

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  1. Rich Says:

    yeah, opinions about culture ARE a lame cop-out, stick to writing about cats.

    Mine could take both yours out and probably you too 🙂

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