Finally Woken

Yeah, here it is. My site just got a complete redesign. Not only does it look different, but it’s running WordPress. There were two main reasons for these changes. (a) I went for a job interview with the people at Pipex and talking to the people there I figured I needed an oppertunity to polish up my XHTML to perhaps a slightly higher standard that yields, I hope, a more bombproof page. (b) I was blogging before using PHPNews. Now this is a great little script, but it’s not really what I need for a fully featured, extendable blog. Comment spam was becoming a giant pain in the face and frankly, I wanted some new toys to play with!  As before, I’m going to promise content for my portfolio page, but it’s not quite there yet!
Anyway, I’m off to Manchester now to see some local bands and visit an old uni pal. I’ll let you know quite how dire they are when I return tommorow.

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