Pay attention! Look at me! I’m a Tory!

Cameron on bike, Lexus just out of shotI try not to slag off one political party, partially because in many ways they’re all as rotten as each other. However one guy in particular is frankly taking the piss. He’s at the head of a party with disappointing recent performance. A party who for so long used to run the country but which now takes such a beating that it’s embarrassing. This man is David Cameron. He’s like a small child, running around his mothers legs, making as big a noise as possible in a desperate attempt to get attention and oh boy, does he try hard. We’ve had jaunts to Norwegian glaciers to highlight the problem of global warming, whilst quietly hoping that no one mentions how much pollution that wasteful journey caused. He’s claimed the KGB tried to recruit him (doubtful) and of course there are the famous pictures of him cycling to work. Again, he was probably hoping that no one would notice the Lexus following his bike all the way carrying his briefcase. It’s hypocritical and illogical behaviour, but I’d suggest that more importantly it’s behaviour designed to fool the British public. What got me recently is todays claim that Radio 1 glorifies knife crime. “Radio 1 glorifies bloody awful music”, “Radio 1 glorifies fat, unfunny DJs” sure, they’re headlines I can understand, but knife crime? It’s just another Cameron cry for middle-class-middle-england attention. Claiming 2 hours of weekly hip-hop programming contributes to violence on our streets isn’t courageous statesmanship, it’s arrogance. I’m pretty sure Cameron knows this, but as long as he gets the attention he so desperately cries for… it’s pathetic really.

There we go, that’s a good rant to break the recent blog silence!

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