Greenpeace lower their standards

oh noes!First things first. I like Greenpeace. They’re a group of well organised people who actually give a damn about our children and who can kick up a fuss to bring matters that need to be discussed into the limelight. I may not always agree with them (although more often than not, I do) but I love the way they open up intelligent debate. Hell… they even make me laugh sometimes! However, I feel they’ve really let me down with this latest advert. The question of nuclear power is one that this country definitely needs to answer. We can’t carry on as we are. We need something new, something different but I’m not convinced what… yet. However I do know that this type of scaremongering isn’t helpful.

Emissions, cost, disposal of waste, sustainability; all factors that need to be thought about, but risk of terrorism? I don’t think this is a healthy way to invoke intelligent debate. The video is blatantly designed to prey on the current scaremongering, reactionism and sensationalism that is prevalent in the less constructive mindset of today’s current climate. If we’re going down the path of “we can’t do that because of the risk of terrorism” then I’m never going to get on a bus again, or a train. Or go to a concert in a big city! If we think like this then the terrorists win. Come on Greenpeace. You’re better than this.

> Watch Greenpeace’s advert: ‘Your Worst Nightmare’

(note: It’s still not as sloppy a job as this anti-gun lobby effort.)

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