The IT Crowd

IT CrowdChannel 4 have put the first episode of their new show, ‘The IT Crowd‘ online. I’ve just watched it and I think it’s brilliant. I’m yet to enter the ‘real’ world of IT work but I get the feeling that, tragically, it will all ring ever so true. It’s about an unloved IT deparment and the poor woman who is sent down to the basement to manage them. She’s a ‘normal’ person with no interest in ‘com-pu-tes’. Personally I found it laugh out loud funny and I’ve heard that it gets better with the 2nd episode. It’s written by Graham Linehan who wrote the brilliant ‘Father Ted’ and stars a still gormless Richard Ayoade (previously seen in the brilliant (and also geeky) ‘Nathan Barley‘) and Chris Morris as a guy called Denholm, who certainly talks like you’d expect a guy called Denholm to talk. There are loads of geek references, EFF stickers, RTFM teeshirts and “She didn’t even get excited when she saw this origional ZX-81!” It starts this Friday, but you can download it now from Channel 4’s website.

> Download the first episode directly here (.wmv)

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