Evolution under question by Brits

Bowie once didn’t sing; “Ashes to ashes, funk to funky, I’m evolved from a funkee monkey“. So fascinated have I been by the battles in US schools over the teaching of evolutionary theory that I never thought that we in the United Kingdom would be quite as sceptical of Mr. Darwins ideas. However, only 48% of us believe Darwins selected evolution theory to be correct and 40% of us think intelligent design should be taught in schools. If this is in Religious Education or Biology lessons the article doesn’t say. That’s the question which concerns me most.

The real cause of grief in the US isn’t; “Is the christian fundamentalists’ ideas on creationism correct”, but; “should I oppose the teaching of science in our childrens science lessons as my faith doesn’t recognise it as valid”. Fortunately this question isn’t being raised (yet!) as the division between scientific education and religion, or perhaps more importantly; the division between church and government, is perhaps a little more reasonable in the UK than it is in the US. Your thoughts, gentlemen please!

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