Intelligent Design isn’t just bad science, it’s bad religion

Flying Spagetti MonsterIf somebody told you that Intelligent Design Theory could have anti-Christian implications, you might get exasperated, and understandably so, given the political leanings of the theory’s proponents. But, in fact, the harder you look at Intelligent Design, the less genuinely Christian it feels.

The ID argument which seems to be raging quite fiercely in the US at the moment is one that I often find very interesting. This article at is a good one. It takes a somewhat less frequently seen approach and reminds us again that not all christians are creationists! I’ll be reading those comments just as soon as I get this exam out of the way. grrrrr…

It’s a hard time for Pastafarians at Christmas who must be asking WWFSMD? Bless ’em.

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