Jeffrey ‘Lightning’ Lewis live

Mark E Smith

Went to perhaps one of the finest gigs in quite a while last night. The Hull  Adelphi played host to the ‘anti-folk‘ New Yorker; Jeffrey Lewis and some of the ‘Artists Against Success‘. Jeffrey Lewis was brilliant. He combined some brilliant rock with humour and education (I kid you not).

He’s really quite a talented comicbook writer/drawer/whatever and he used this in his on-stage ‘music videos’. He flicks through his large drawings and tells a tale about them as he goes along. The highlight for me was the story of Mark E. Smith and The (Mighty) Fall. He gave us all a brief history of punk rock and despite managing to sound a little bitter about the whole Clash/Sex Pistols thing, it was very funny and most educational.

The first band to play were the ever-so-slightly-terrifying Cracktown. They bordered on the hillarious and muchos respect is deserved for incorporating darlek-like vocals into the act. The other bands that performed were completely new to me. The first band was The Frankie Machine was really music to kill yourself to, but they were pretty good and managed to make an inappropriate joke about children. Don’t ask. But I did laugh. The Hector Collectors comprised of one Glaswegian chap. Despite most of the songs seeming to be about looking round high-street shops and watching naff daytime telly, he was pretty funny. Especially as he seemed to spend the gig staring at my friend sitting infront of him. If you want Robs number Mr. Hector Collector, I’d be happy to  provide it 😉 I got the feeling that each of MJ Hibbetts songs were a desperate cry for help but when he played “Hey Hey 16k” (the games you get today/ they might be very flash / but they’ll never beat the thrill / of getting through jetpac), an ode to tape-load gaming, it dawned on me that I’d heard this chap before at b3ta. A cult-geek classic then. Always nice to hear.


Jeffrey Lewis

The Frankie Machine

The Hector Collectors

MJ Hibbett article on Cracktown

The Hull Adelphi

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